The Difference between Bronchitis and Asthma

Bronchitis and Asthma: The Medical Difference

Although bronchitis and asthma have similar respiratory symptoms, these conditions are triggered by two completely different things. Bbronchitis as well as asthma may cause difficulty breathing, coughing, and wheezing. These symptoms are caused by an inflammation of airways, or bronchi. In case of asthma, the airways become inflammated because of a systemic reaction the origin of which is not exactly known, and the symptoms are further worsened by particular allergens or irritants. Broncitis on the other hand is caused by a viral or bacterial infection of the bronchi. Such an infection may occur during common cold or other infectious diseases when the body's immune system is impeded. There is also a condition called asthmatic bronchitis when the infection itself is caused by an enviromental irritant exposure, such as industrial or tobacco smoke. One of the most important differences between these two conditions is that bronchitis is completely curable, but asthma treatment will only help control the disease as the condition itself cannot be cured.

Ways of Treatment for Bronchitis

There are three main forms of bronchitis that are caused by a viral infection, a bacterial infection, or an enviromental irritant.

All of these conditions are completely treatable, following you may find some of the details on how how to cure bronchitis based on what has caused it:

  • Viral Bronchitis - This form of bronchitis is the least hazardous and the most common. The symtoms will usually fade on their own by taking plenty of rest and fluids. You may take some additional over the counter cough and pain medications to aid in the treatment.
  • Bacterial Bronchitis - Bacterial bronchitis is a more serious for of the disease and it will require certain prescription drugs in order to be cured. Your doctor will most likely prescribe you with antibiotics such Amoxicillin or Erythromycin depending on the type of bacterial infection.

The Details of Asthma Treatment

With the current advancement of medical technology the condition known as asthma cannot be cured completely, but it can efficiently controlled. If the designated treatment is carried out to the latter, the patient will most likely experience only few of the least disturbing symtoms, or none at all. In most cases the treatment involves using medication - steroids, anti-inflammatory medication and bronchodilators - a well as making certain adjustments to the household and enviroment. The therapy usually involves using asthma inhalers - special devices designed to deliver the medication on the back of the throat or directly into the lungs. There are 2 main types of asthma inhalers: "controller" and "reliever". The first one is used to prevent the symtoms as well as improve the general condition of the patient. Controllers usually contain steroids or long-acting beta agonists. Reliever type inhalers usually do not have any cumulative beneficial effects but are instead used to suppress an imminent asthma attack.